Must haves.

Kas and I were discussing qualities of a good guys and here are a few we agreed on.

Not jealous: This is a huge one for me. I have guy friends. A few in which I’m very close with.  A good guy won’t require his girl to check in with him about everything she does and with whom. You are not her father, being with her does not mean she has to ask you if she is allowed out or with whom she can/cannot converse with.

Good relationship with mom: Unless a guy has a sensible reason to not be close to his mom (aka abuse, neglect, rude behavior on her behalf, etc.) then having a bond with his momma is a major factor I look for in a male. I find that guys who are close to their mothers are more sensitive to a woman’s needs, better communicators, and understands us ladies more so than their male counterparts.

Sense of humor: I’m not saying he has to be Robin Williams, but a guy who can make a girl laugh is definitely a winner. Taking life too seriously gets you nothing but high blood pressure, grey hair, and a wife with a stick up her butt. And nobody wants that stuff.

Motivation: I’d like to think I work hard and I think guys who do are much more attractive. And by this, I don’t mean a motivation to make lots of money. I have had guys with large bank accounts approach me and want to date me, but that honestly has never been a factor to me. I can make my own money. I would faster take (as my proven history has shown) a bike mechanic who works hard and enjoys his work [even if it doesn’t pay amazingly well] over a wealthy guppy who sits at a desk all day and only worries about the size of his paycheck. Those guys are usually cocky and self-centered. Giving your time and dedication to something you really care about, and having things to show for it is what I’m looking for in a guy.

Can handle a strong woman:  Anyone that knows me knows I won’t back down for anyone. A good guy is not threatened by a strong woman who speaks her mind, earns more money, or has goals and goes for them. A good woman should never be afraid of over shadowing her boyfriend’s/husband’s achievements, they should rather reach for those successes, and if a guy is confident in himself then he will do nothing but cheer her on! Guys need to keep their ego in check and encourage their lady to work toward her own individual growth.


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