Racy or Beautiful?


This is Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, a 10 year old fashion model. A super model at just 10 years old, that’s quite the accomplishment. She was recently featured in French Vogue dressed and posed in only a way an adult female should be. This caused a huge backlash from disgruntled adults and “professionals” stating that the photos were over-sexualized and were exploiting the little girl.

She’s absolutely beautiful and the camera clearly loves her. But she is a girl. I think we can all agree that kids grow up way too fast now days and they desire to do things that they should never want to at their age. When I was ten, all I cared about was hanging out with my friends, listening to boy bands, and riding my bike. Girls look at these magazines and see a false portrayal of someone their age (or younger then themselves) and they create unhealthy ideals in pre-teen and teenage girls. In order for a these kids to develop at an appropriate rate they need to go through different stages in their life, whether it be emotionally, physically, or socially. But instead, they are skipping precious years of development and reaching for unhealthy qualities of sexuality and physical perfectionism. This is how disorders are developed. But, I think we all know how images have swayed people and what they do for decades now. I think portraying a girl like this for the sake of photography and art is disgusting. I understand wanting to make a dramatic statement, but if you’re trying to sell the clothes/jewelry (and if they are a genuinely good product) then putting them on an older female should make the same impact.

Thylane and her mother might think she has quite the life right now, making millions and gracing the covers of magazines, but I feel bad for that little girl. She has been in that ugly industry that promotes nothing but unrealistic physical perfection for most of her life. Odds are she will have an eating disorder or be sexually promiscuous as a young age. And those are just some of the more obvious consequences of leading a glamours model life at ten. There will be drugs, alcohol, parties, and creepy old men who call themselves photographers. I guess child pornography can pass as long as it’s under the title of art and you claim artistic license.


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