Wake me up when September ends!

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival off autumn and all things good that come with the month of October. Who doesn’t love October? I’m pretty sure that it is my favorite month of the year, trumping every other one and the holidays/events that those months hold.

Top Ten Reasons I Love October (as if I needed another list!):

1. The weather. It’s perfect. Not too cold and not too hott.

2. Hoodies. A direct reflection of number one, October is prime hoodie wearing month. And I love it.

3. Halloween attractions. Who doesn’t love a good scare? An awesome haunted house sets the mood for a perfect October night.

4. The trees. I love when the leaves turn colors, and anyone who misses out on this lives in a sucky place. Mother Nature gives a delightful show.

5. Fooooootball. I don’t think that needs an explanation!

6. Bonfires and warm apple cider. A tradition we have had at the barn every year since high school. I adore it.

7. It is National Sarcastic Awareness Month. An art form in itself.

8.  Costume parties. I’m not the biggest fan of themed events, but I love a good costume party.

9. Candy. Candy apples. Chocolate. Gummies. Lollipops. Candy.

10.  Homecoming. We wait all year round for the Vineland/Millville football rivalry. Win or lose, it’s always a fun day.


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