Had the silliest conversation at work today. In my line of work, the most frequent question asked in our office is “why do so many stupid people have children?” And today we all agreed on an answer: because it’s EASY! It’s easy to procreate. Sticking the penis into a vagina — it’s a pretty primal thing. Monkeys, lions, hamsters, THEY ALL DO IT.

The hard thing is to actually figure out you need protection and using it every time! That requires thinking, reasoning, and understanding consequences even while hormones and sexual urges are raging!

I’m not saying every single person who has had a child at an inopportune time is idiotic, just the ones that keep doing it and don’t care. Those are the ones that are ruining this country. Unless you own a farm or want to start a family football team, stop pushing out 4,5,6 kids. Especially when you don’t have the funds to support them!



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