Planning the plan.

I came home today and finally sat down and situated my schedule for the next few months. I keep absentmindedly adding things and giving people ‘Yes, I will be there” responses without actually checking to see if I can, indeed, be there or do it. For instance, I realized both my friend, Steph, and my cousin, JonMichael, are getting married on the SAME exact weekend in June. One in NJ and the other in VA. Not going to be possible at all. I feel horrible retracting my RSVP for one but I can’t go to both. =( I know both weddings will be so amazing though, so much time has gone into them. June is definitely the month for weddings this year. Three to be exact, one of which i’m not exactly thrilled to attend, but oh well.

All the birthdays. SO MANY BIRTHDAYS. Just in April alone I have seven: my sister, goddaughter (Brielle), godson(Ty), grandmother, Melissa , Dom, and my cousin. Could you people please spread your birthdays out more. Thanks. =) Can’t wait for Bri’s birthday though! I get to go to Maryland and visit Kel and Brian. I miss them so so so so so much. The bestest friends and people, Brian is such a hard worker and i’m so glad the NAVY was able to move them closer to home. Love you guys!

Then I planned things on the week in April i’m going to be on vaca. You would think i’d have those dates memorized because i’m so giddy about this vacation, UGH CAN’T WAIT.

There’s just so much to get done, especially with my car accident case stuff picking up now and having to go all over for these briefs and depositions and what not. It’s annoying that I have to go through this. It’s simple if you ask me: I didn’t have a fucked up back before the accident + I have a fucked up back after accident = ACCIDENT CAUSED FUCKED UP BACK. Just give me the money to get the surgery to fix my back and for the time I missed work and MY LIFE because you hit me and FUCKED UP MY BACK.


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