The not-my-boyfriend exceptions pact

I think everyone has a list of people who they would make out with if they had the chance, even if they are in a relationship. You know, if there is some sort of freak accident and i’m locked in a room with one of my dream people, I assume it’s okay if we hook up. My list is a simple and concise five guys and one lady, in order from ‘most want to jump on them’ to ‘it’s cool if it happens, i guess’.

  • Ian Somerhalder —- Seriously, literally physical perfection for me and he’s involved in all sorts of good causes! DREAM GUY HARDCORE.

  • Ryan Gosling —- Yeah, he’s just hot.

  • Emma Stone —- Red headed funny, goddess.

  • Ace Enders —- Obvi.
  • James McAvoy — That accent! Panty dropper. And those eyes. ❤

No picture needed:

  • Phil Defranco —- He’s smart and witty. That makes him so attractive.


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