The weight struggle.

I stepped on the scale today and kind of got upset. Unfortunately, I kind of expected it.

I try not to obsess over my body. After college, I grew to like who I was and what I looked like. I accepted that I wasn’t perfect and I never would be.

But then I started losing weight at a rapid rate. I went from healthy looking to skin and bones in a matter of months. Everyone started to notice my clothes getting more baggy on me and summertime was torture for me. I think some people thought I had a eating disorder but didn’t want to accuse me of anything. I wouldn’t have been offended because I looked horrible.

I had a dozen tests done before my doctor settled on my thyroid. I have been taking the medicine and it seemed to help for a while. I gained 10 pounds in the first month. Last month I was up to 116 and I was pretty damn excited! My goal is 125, but I would take any weight gain.

I think with all the stress and worrying I have been doing lately, that it is affecting me. I tend to eat less when I think too much about issues or problems. I am pretty upset to see me losing weight. I just want to be healthy. =(


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