Phillip Phillips

I don’t know what his parents were thinking naming him that. But, besides that small tidbit, Kas and I are in love with him. He’s pretty crush worthy. Not the sexiest man in the world — but really, I wouldn’t say go away if he wanted to make out. HONEST GIRL IS HONEST.


Kicking the Bucket

I started a ‘bucket list’ a long time ago and have been keeping it in a notebook and an email, so this is a work in progress but time to make it official..

  • Visit Greece
  • Learn more sign language
  • Walk the 60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk
  • Adopt an alaskan malamute
  • Say ‘I DO’ and do that thing people should do only once
  • Design my own pair of Converse shoes
  • Go to an Eagles superbowl/playoffs game
  • Kiss a boyfriend on New Years Eve and it be genuinely romantic
  • Experience a sunrise on the west coast
  • Get married at Disney World
  • Meet Ian Somerhalder
  • Get my masters degree
  • Spend the night in an underwater hotel
  • Eat at a restaurant owned by Cat Cora
  • Be debt free
  • Try a fried pickle
  • Save an animal from a shelter
  • Be an extra in a zombie movie
  • Get a tattoo
  • See the Northern Lights in Alaska
  • Eat beignets in New Orleans
  • Fly first class
  • Go to Disney World during Christmas
  • Become my own boss
  • Let my nails grow
  • Try every flavor of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory
  • Learn how to drive a stick
  • Stay at a bed & breakfast in the mountains
  • Own a dodger blue ’69 mustang
  • Make out with Phil Defranco
  • Feel completely comfortable in a bathing suit
  • Visit Bora Bora
  • See Paul McCartney play Blackbird live
  • Meet Norman Reedus
  • Have a room dedicated to just books I love to read
  • Bungee Jump
  • See the day gay marriage is allowed in all 50 states
  • Have a chalk board wall in my house
  • Go on an unplanned trip
  • Be okay be with people watching me play the piano

Ahhh yes,

I smile everytime I see this. =)

It is the beautiful bird which gets caged.

I got a new pet, kind of inherited him actually for a little while! Of course now him and my boyfriend are best friends.

Great. Now I got to fight for both of their attention. Haha.

The not-my-boyfriend exceptions pact

I think everyone has a list of people who they would make out with if they had the chance, even if they are in a relationship. You know, if there is some sort of freak accident and i’m locked in a room with one of my dream people, I assume it’s okay if we hook up. My list is a simple and concise five guys and one lady, in order from ‘most want to jump on them’ to ‘it’s cool if it happens, i guess’.

  • Ian Somerhalder —- Seriously, literally physical perfection for me and he’s involved in all sorts of good causes! DREAM GUY HARDCORE.

  • Ryan Gosling —- Yeah, he’s just hot.

  • Emma Stone —- Red headed funny, goddess.

  • Ace Enders —- Obvi.
  • James McAvoy — That accent! Panty dropper. And those eyes. ❤

No picture needed:

  • Phil Defranco —- He’s smart and witty. That makes him so attractive.

Save the date.

Anniversary. Commemoration. Milestone. Special occasion. Red-letter day.

What ever the hell you want to call it. People who celebrate mini landmarks in their relationships annoy the hell out of me.  I have co-workers (and even some friends) who actually mark on calenders/facebook events/ tell everyone that today is the 5th month anniversary of their first kiss or the 9th month anniversary of their first date or today we have been together for 3 months and 1 week. And i’m not talking just FEMALES! I know anyone reading this is assuming that ‘oh, women are are so batshit crazy’ [and hey, they kind of are] but no! I know guys who do the SAME exact thing! Some people will call them sweet and affectionate, I say thanks for something to laugh at.

I have never been the type of girl to remember times and dates. Hell, you’re lucky if I remember the day you were born! I can see celebrating REAL relationship milestones, like 6 months (you only do this once! not EVERY six months),1 year, or the date you get married. But doesn’t doing something for every little thing kind of make those big things less significant? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. It seems a little much and overbearing.

While I wouldn’t dump a guy who decided to mark every little thing as important, it would definitely be a turn off.

Let those big dates make more of an impact! Don’t be a crazy nut job. =)



I worked late, that’s becoming a regular thing now that a couple people were transferred or ‘let go’ [but let’s be honest, they were fired because they were lazy]. Went to South Street with Matty, Steph, and Megan. I love the night life in Philly, as long as you stay off the side streets then you’re pretty much okay and don’t have to worry about being mugged. We had a few drinks and then went to see a comedy show. A fight broke out between two crazy ass women over a spilled drink; these women were too old to be fighting each other in public, I could NOT stop laughing. I got my money’s worth just on them. One of them had this ridiculously short skirt on that she tried to hold down the whole time, basically fighting with one hand and still managing to kind of win, if that’s what you want to call it.


Made cupcakes for Anthony’s birthday and delivered them to his house. He seemed pleasantly surprised! But then the conversation of Teagan came up and sort of ruined the moment. I have done nothing but stress since she left and so, yeah, obviously i’m still pissed off. I have to fully pay ALL the bills now and I wasn’t prepared for that. I am just now paying back all my credit cards from Christmas shopping and my mini trip to SC.  Thank god I have a mother who loves me and is willing to help me out with the rent.  In turn, I left him with a message for her that I just would have liked a heads up. I understand we had talked about it, but no final dates were set or else I would have been roommate hunting a long time ago. I spent the rest of the day with my honeybooboochild. 😉 We got some movies from redbox, he picked straw dogs and I got horrible bosses. Let’s just say: MY CHOICE > HIS. Straw dogs had some decent actors but god was that movie plot bad, they made it look so enthralling and scary on the trailer. Don’t even waste the buck and change though!


Walt helped me clean the other bedroom from top to bottom, because I can’t sell anyone on a room that has metallica posters stapled to the wall and soda bottles in the closet. We took Isaac to the park and then came back and made cookies. I have to admit, Walter is pretty amazing with kids. I’m in no rush to make him my baby’s daddy or anything, but the guy has a knack for making children like him. Maybe because he acts like a big kid, either way though, it’s nice to see him get along with my nephew so well – since that boy is everything to me. I also decided to dye my hair AGAIN. I just like it better when it’s darker. I know I will probably catch hell from my hair girl but oh well.

I think every one should be brunette! Sure, there are people that are good looking that happen to have blond hair, but they would probably look better with brown. 😉 But besides that, I need my hair to stop being such a major pain. It’s falling out at a expeditiously crazy rate due to the stress, so i’m hoping it’s harder to tell with darker hair. It might be time to invest in weave. Or wigs.

Give it away, give it away, give it away now!

I got into the charitable mood last week and decided that I wanted to start a team for the March of Dimes. I have submitted my team name and goal amount that I hope to raise (which is $5o0). I already have three lovely ladies who want to help and join the team. I’m pretty psyched! I like doing these things, I think in a small way I am helping and it’s also a GREAT way to meet new, awesome people! I think everyone should find at least one cause that is important to them and help by either donating time, money, or getting others to give their money!

While diabetes and cancer are still the causes that I give the most money/time to every year, I think everyone knows at least one person who has given birth to a premature baby or a baby with disease/defects. It’s an important cause and I can’t wait to get started! I have experience with fundraising so I think it will probably go well and i’m hoping to surpass my goal amount (because i’m such a damn overachiever). 😉

The weight struggle.

I stepped on the scale today and kind of got upset. Unfortunately, I kind of expected it.

I try not to obsess over my body. After college, I grew to like who I was and what I looked like. I accepted that I wasn’t perfect and I never would be.

But then I started losing weight at a rapid rate. I went from healthy looking to skin and bones in a matter of months. Everyone started to notice my clothes getting more baggy on me and summertime was torture for me. I think some people thought I had a eating disorder but didn’t want to accuse me of anything. I wouldn’t have been offended because I looked horrible.

I had a dozen tests done before my doctor settled on my thyroid. I have been taking the medicine and it seemed to help for a while. I gained 10 pounds in the first month. Last month I was up to 116 and I was pretty damn excited! My goal is 125, but I would take any weight gain.

I think with all the stress and worrying I have been doing lately, that it is affecting me. I tend to eat less when I think too much about issues or problems. I am pretty upset to see me losing weight. I just want to be healthy. =(