The two hundred pound elephant in the garage….

Frustrated isn’t even the word to describe how I feel right now. I don’t understand why people have to talk about other people and situations that they have NO CLUE about. I’m a grown ass woman and I do exactly as I want every damn day of my life and I have since the day I left my parents house after I graduated high school. Because I don’t need to ask permission to do things or to talk to people or to hang out with a friend.

If you have ever met and hung out with me then you know that I will talk to anyone. If you seem like a cool, nice person then I will at least try to get to know you and be social. I don’t care if everyone else in my group of friends hates you to death, if you seem like a decent person then I will give you a chance. Now don’t get me wrong, you mess with me once and I don’t give second chances unless we are extremely close and even then it depends on how bad you messed up. So, in saying that, if i’m friends with someone and nobody likes it — I DON’T CARE. I will still hang out with them.

By now, anyone that knows me knows that I am talking about Matty. He has had his issues with some people, including my boyfriend. But guess what? Matty is my friend and has been for 2 years. He has never done me wrong or done anything to make me think he would betray my friendship. Him and Walt do not get along and probably never will, but that will not stop me from going out to grab some food with Matty. Someone saw us out having dinner and automatically ASSUMED I was cheating, they decided to take pictures then email them to Walt anonymously. Guess what happened? Walt KNEW I was with him. Matty messed up a relationship with some girl I hardly know, who am I to hold that against him? Everyone messes up! He’s not perfect but neither am I or anyone else sitting and judging him as a person.

I’m so over petty bullshit and this is why I am cutting people out of my life that are toxic. I have a pretty good idea of who took the pictures because I saw you and your gorilla sized friend stomping around the avenue that night and that’s exactly why I don’t go to Walt’s garage as much, because even though most of the guys are cool, their girlfriends (as always) are catty, cliquey women who hate me FOR NO REASON. I count it as your loss because I know i’m an awesome person, so you talking about me and making shit up isn’t bringing me down. It’s just verifying my disdain for female friends.


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