99 problems but…

I have always felt like an outsider. A lot of people will scoff and tell me i’m exaggerating and that because I had friends that I obviously wasn’t an outsider. I had girl friends, sure. But I hated most of them. I despised hanging out with females when I was younger! I was the girl who felt more comfortable with guys and I took a lot of shit for it. I was called all sorts of names by the other girls; I guess when you’re the only girl in a group of five guys it was safe to assume she was a whore and messing around with all of them. Honestly, guys were just easier to talk to and they didn’t judge you on what you were wearing or how your hair looked.

I’m older now and guess what? I still hate being friends with most females. You would think that it would get easier and that as people got older they would grow out of being cliquey and stop gossiping, but no. It doesn’t seem to change. Instead of them talking about who you’re friends with and who you’re kissing, they’re talking about where you live, how much money you make, and why you’re still not married. It’s an endless life of judgment by your peers. I never really cared what people thought about me, I let it go and I just did what I wanted. But it’s funny how no matter what it is, whenever I have a problem with a friend — IT’S A FEMALE FRIEND. Someone that I trusted enough to let get to know me and then they go and fuck it up by talking about me to someone else.

So when people ask me why I hate females, THAT’S WHY. They never change. They never grow up. The few REAL girl friends I have are the best in the world and  I love them. I’m so grateful for the ones that stick by me and although I have lost a lot of friends in the past year, I realize it’s probably for the best.

And perhaps this is where I am deemed a hypocrite? My feminist education and strong women’s lib stance could be viewed as misguided, seeing as how I don’t like women all that much. Haha. But because I don’t care for some of them, doesn’t mean I believe they are any lesser of a human or should be stuck in a man made box called the kitchen. Because in all this, men are not perfect either — they just make better friends. =)


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  1. Kas
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 17:03:18

    You are so RIGHTTTTT this is why we are best friends. TOO GOOD FOR BITCHES.


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