Girlfriend Status

I got back with Walltherrr. It wasn’t a perfectly easy choice for many reasons. But he makes me happy and what more could I ask for? He is funny and knows how to make me smile even when i’m in the worst of moods. He’s easily one of my best friends and I love him.  As mushy as that sounds, it’s true. I’m not much of a romantic but sometimes my heart works hard at feeling love (and does something besides pumping blood and keeping me alive) and I guess I SHOULD try to listen to it.  =)

I have no expectations of what this will become but I know that this is more than just a thing for the time being and at this stage in my life that’s what I need. I’m too old for casual dating. Enough of the rambling though!


Public Media

As a sociologist I am always interested in people and what they do and why they do it. New social media sites like facebook, twitter [and so on and so forth] make it so easy to do this. But at what expense do people let their private lives sit on a timeline on facebook for every soul to read and take advantage of? Do people not realize the long term consequences of posting personal information on the internet? Once it’s there … IT’S THERE FOR THE THE LONG RUN BABY. I realize when I was younger, I thought I was invincible too and that nothing could ever hurt me; the thing is I know people older than myself that are just as blind to these offenses. There is no reason to subject your friends/family/[and more importantly] strangers that you add or can read your pages to a daily blow-by-blow of your everyday activities. Is it modern day narcissism? Or just boredom? I don’t know. It will only grow as technology advances and brings us closer to knowing your every day activities but having nothing do to with them.


How rare it is to have a decent, intellectual conversation with someone, ANYONE, about anything. I can’t tell you how many times people have opted to tell me about something via facebook or text that should have required a phone call or getting together in person. Hey, kind of like my ex telling me he cheated on me. That’s always a nice call. Are we that far gone that we hide behind the very thing that is suppose to improve communication? It’s sad. I know i’m sad because I think it’s only ruining us as a society.


I really am trying to keep up with writing in this but there is always so much to do and never enough time to just sit and think! I never could keep a diary when I was younger. Mostly because I just didn’t have the capacity to sit still for too much time. It’s always a wonder that I did so well in school because doing homework was always such a pain (more so for my parents than myself). But yeah, I wish I could say more except the xbox is calling. Haha. =)

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.— Isaac Asimov

Day to day.

Wake up. Survive the day. Sleep.

Wake up. Survive the day. Sleep.

Wake up. Survive the day. Sleep.

Wake up. Survive the day. Sleep.